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Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction Writer Was Hired to Write Sequel to Mark Wahlberg’s Most Underrated Thriller With Expendables 4 Star – When Will it Release?

Chris Hemsworth's Extraction Writer Was Hired to Write Sequel to Mark Wahlberg's Most Underrated Thriller With Expendables 4 Star - When Will it Release?

The success of a movie not only depends on the actors, director, and the storyline but also on the release timing. Historically, Hollywood has witnessed several such gems being lost in time, simply because of the era it was released. One such typical movie, whose success was hindered by the release era was Mark Wahlberg’s 2018 movie Mile 22

Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg

However, Mark Wahlberg’s luck renewed when the dust settled Mile 22 was released on Netflix in late 2020. Finding a fanbase, 2 years after its initial release, Wahlberg’s movie sparked curiosity among fans about the absence of a sequel. That’s why we’re here with the latest news on the potential follow-up to Mile 22. 

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Mark Wahlberg’s Mile 22 Hired Extraction Writer

Following the initial release of Mile 22 in 2018, Mark Wahlberg’s movie unfortunately underperformed at the box office. Despite having ambitious visions surrounding the future of the movie, Mile 22 simply failed to pursue significant milestones. However, after getting severely negative reviews, the movie sparked curiosity among fans about a sequel, following its release on Netflix in late 2020. 

Mile 22
Mile 22 (2018)

As fans are greenlighting a sequel for the 2018 movie, featuring Mark Wahlberg and Iko Uwais, here’s what we know, as of now. Apparently, the producers were extremely optimistic about a follow-up of the movie. This is why they even hired Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction writer Umair Aleem to pen the sequel. 

Mark Wahlberg still
Wahlberg’s movie hired Extraction’s writer Umair Aleem

Before Mile 22 concluded, the studio stood committed towards turning the movie into a franchise. Thus, the studio opted for a rather newbie screenwriter Umair Aleem. Although Aleem never delivered a movie that resonated strongly with audiences, he later delivered noteworthy work on Extraction (2020). But, this was all about the progress of a sequel that was heard about.  

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The Possibility Of A Potential Mile 22 Sequel 

Finally, with fans’ expectations and Studios’ commitment towards the project, it seems like there could be a possibility of a potential Mile 22 sequel. But what took them so long? Apparently, it is claimed that the pandemic wreaked havoc on production costs due to the mandatory COVID-19 restrictions. This issue allegedly held back STX Entertainment from engaging in a sequel with no guarantee of a bankable movie. 

Peter Berg
Peter Berg and Wahlberg had the idea for a franchise

However, when director Peter Berg was asked about his plans for a sequel, he discussed with Entertainment Weekly how he initially turned down his involvement in the project. “I really hadn’t thought about it and I talked to Mark about it … It kind of checked that box of not being another true story.” 

The goal was originally Iko. Mark had seen The Raid, so he knew of Iko and he was into the idea of it too. We both liked having this action franchise in theory, having Iko, and not having to tell a true story.” 

Mile 22
It’s unclear if Mile 22 will have a sequel

Further, considering a tweak to the original script, creating an open ending, Mile 22 was deemed to return for a sequel. Movies with conclusive and gratifying endings often get more appreciation than cliffhangers. However, Mark Wahlberg’s movie took the risk and left audiences hanging, thus hoping for a sequel. However, with the 2018 iteration failing to create an impression, the creators withdrew from the idea of a sequel. 

Thus, while most things point at a potential sequel for Mark Wahlberg’s Mile 22, there is no official confirmation about a potential follow-up. 

Watch Mile 22 on Netflix. 

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