How to Squeeze in Some Exercise When You’re Stuck for Hours at the Airport

How to Squeeze in Some Exercise When You’re Stuck for Hours at the Airport

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For many people, airports are high on their list of stressful places in the world. There are just too many factors at play that could make what should be routine procedures extremely frustrating. From security checks to boarding procedures and everything in between, there are many things about airports that could swing either on the good or not-so-good experience. Flight delays are among the airport woes that could trigger a domino effect in ruining well-laid plans. With so many unexpected things that could happen, many travelers end up experiencing a lot of stress. But instead of fretting about airport hassles, you could find a much better use of your time. Exercise, for instance, not only help you stay fit while traveling. It is also a good way to relieve stress.

Anticipate by finding out what facilities are available. Anticipate potential delays by finding out what leisure and fitness facilities or services are available. Do a quick research about the airports you travel from. Some airports in the US and across the globe have already introduced fitness on the go services. Some have meditation rooms, yoga studios, stationary recharging bikes, or walking routes. Then there are airport hotels that have fitness centers where travelers can do their workouts for a fee.

Pack your workout clothes in your carry-on. Squeeze in some lightweight workout gear in your carry-on. Wear comfortable shoes suitable for walking or running if you are thinking of getting some workout during layovers. Hit the airport gym or any fitness facility that you can find.

Work with what you have. Make the most of the time you have to fit some form of exercise or physical activity. If you still have a lot of time, use whatever exercise equipment or facility is available at the airport. But even without such amenities, there are other ways to get your exercise. Find the stairs to do some step-up exercises.

Go for a stroll. Many airports cover vast areas, which make them suitable for getting some exercise by just walking around. You might even come across some interesting finds when you spend your time strolling around than sitting down waiting for your flight. Avoid elevators, escalators, moving walkways, or shuttles. Instead, use the opportunity to get more walking done. A pedometer can be a handy tool to count the number of steps you make every single day. Keeping track of your walking progress can motivate you to do more of it until it becomes part of your daily routine.