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“Why she has become so annoying?”: Alexandra Breckenridge Gets Awful Feedback For Her “Clingy” Nature In Virgin River Season 5

"Why she has become so annoying?": Alexandra Breckenridge Gets Awful Feedback For Her "Clingy" Nature In Virgin River Season 5

While there may be an almost infinite library of shows and movies relating to every category and genre for the audience to indulge themselves in on Netflix, the streaming giant has a handful of shows that take the top spot when it comes to viewership, and Alexandra Breckenridge’s popular drama series Virgin River certainly takes the top spot.

Alexandra Breckenridge
Alexandra Breckenridge

The love and support that the show has received all these years over the last four seasons has enticed the OTT platform to invest more into the series, which brought us the most recent fifth season. But it seems like the charm of the show is slowly starting to die down, and it has everything to do with Mel’s character development.

Fans Of Virgin River Are Calling Alexandra Breckenridge’s Character Clingy

Alexandra Breckenridge in a still from Virgin River
Alexandra Breckenridge in a still from Virgin River

While there is no shortage of drama series on any of the vast numbers of OTT platforms today, the ones that make the most profound impact on the audience have the highest chance to stay for good, something that Netflix’s Virgin River series was able to accomplish with its first season itself back in 2019. Today, the much-awaited fifth season has been making the rounds with its recent release among old fans and new, although, most of them seem to be talking about just how monotonous Alexandra Breckenridge’s character of Mel has become with the latest installment.

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With the release of the first part of the fifth season on September 7, fans of the show started a conversation on the r/VirginRiverNetflix subreddit where a user posted about the tonality of Mel’s character, which was becoming a polar performance with only two sides to her, one of them being her very clingy and needy side that people are starting to get annoyed with recently. Among these comments, there were a few that expressed that Breckenridge’s performance was inching closer to a lack of acting with just the same repeated expressions and emotions. One comment read:

“I couldn’t quite put my finger on why she’s become so annoying and this is it.”

Therefore, if not addressed soon enough by the creators, this one flaw that the fans are finding irksome might become the reason for the show’s failure.

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What Is Virgin River About?

A still from Virgin River
A still from Virgin River

Based on the literary series of the same name by American author Robyn Carr, Virgin River is mostly feel-good and wholesome with few instances of turmoil and problems scattered here and there. With its soft romantic premise in the drama genre, the general ups and downs don’t feel as severe but are still impactful enough to leave a lasting impression.

The story follows the tale of Mel Monroe, a nurse practitioner who has decided to leave her old life behind to start fresh. Therefore, she packs her bags and moves to the rural town of Virgin River from Los Angeles, where unexpected encounters shape her life.

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Virgin River, streaming on Netflix.

Source: r/VirginRiverNetflix

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