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GTA+ Offers Revolving Door of Free Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games announced yesterday that subscribers to its GTA+ service will gain a new benefit: access to a selection of games from the studio, with a selection of games set to rotate in and out of the service periodically. To kick off this new feature, members are now free to download Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition at no extra cost.

This collection contains remasters of GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas. While controversially poorly optimized at launch, with a plethora of graphical and performance issues making the experience ultimately seem worse than that of the games on sixth-gen consoles such as the PS2 and original Xbox, the remasters have seen a variety of updates to improve the overall experience.

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The update to the service is available right now, so players who wish to dive into these games can either subscribe or download them immediately if they are already paying for the service. Each game in the collection is offered as an individual install, rather than a single game launcher like The Master Chief Collection is for Halo.

There’s a GTA Subscription Service?

Ready for some old school GTA: San Andreas action?
Ready for some old-school GTA: San Andreas action?

For those unaware, GTA+ is a subscription service for Grand Theft Auto Online players which offers monthly perks. It costs $6 each month and grants access to a monthly deposit of $500,000 in-game and a rotating selection of rewards including vehicles, clothes, homes, weapons, exclusive taxi requests, free CEO/VIP abilities, free vehicle requests, and more.

This month, the service also offers 30% off boats, double cash from armored trucks, and double cash and RP on a selection of activities in the game. The Bravado Hotring Hellfire car is free to subscribers this month, while the Deluxo, essentially a flying DeLorean like in Back to the Future, is 20% off.

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The GTA+ service is currently only available to players on PlayStation and Xbox consoles and is not an option for PC users. As such, subscribers who sign up will only gain access to the games offered on the service for the console that they have subscribed to it from, so if you are subscribed on Xbox, you cannot play the games on PlayStation, and vice versa.

Including these remasters could serve to save players quite a bit. Though San Andreas was included on GamePass when the collection launched and Vice City was included with a tier of PlayStation Plus, both titles have since left those services and the full collection costs $60. Being included with the $6 per month GTA+ could lead to significant savings while players make their way through these open-world classics.

Will these offerings push you to subscribe to GTA+? Are you already a member or have you abstained from joining the service? Let us know in the comments and on our social media feeds!

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Written by Tanner Linares

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