Prison Realm in Jujutsu Kaisen Explained: What Really Happened to Satoru Gojo When He Went to Prison Realm?

Reviewed By: Gargi Mishra

What Really Happened to Satoru Gojo When He Went to Prison Realm

Heavy Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers from the Jujutsu Kaisen latest anime episode and manga.

Jujutsu Kaisen is a unique and refreshing Shonen anime series that has become trending for one of many reasons. The anime is successful because of its awesome storytelling. The manga nails it with a perfect mix of action, feelings, and a plot that keeps you hooked.

The series has finally started the Shibuya Incident Arc with an amazing battle in season 2, episode 9. The Shibuya Incident Arc in Jujutsu Kaisen is like a shiny jewel not just in this anime but in the whole anime world. It’s full of unexpected twists, intense moments, and shocking scenes that take everyone by surprise.

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This super crucial part featured the epic showdown between Gojo and Kenjaku in The Shibuya Incident Arc. Kenjaku, has a sneaky plan to take down Gojo, the super-duper strongest sorcerer around. More than that his ultimate goal is to trap Gojo in the Prison Realm – a special-grade cursed object.

Gojo in JJK Season 2
Gojo in JJK Season 2

Now that it’s confirmed that Gojo has been locked away in the Prison Realm, you might be wondering what the Prison Realm is and what Gojo will do while he’s there. Keep reading the article to find out the answers.

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What the Prison Realm Really is?

Prison Realm is a crucial part of Pseudo-Geto’s plan to trap Satoru Gojo during the Shibuya Incident. It’s an extremely powerful living barrier made from the remains of a Buddhist Monk named Genshin, referred to as a “taboo object.”

Prison Realm
Prison Realm in JJK Anime

When not in use, it looks like a small cube wrapped in talisman constraints. To activate it, you say “gate open,” and it transforms into a fleshy mass with a giant bleeding eye in the middle.

To make it work, the target must stay within a four-meter radius long enough for the cursed object to take hold. In Satoru Gojo’s case, he needed to be within this range for a minute within his brain. The next step involves the fleshy mass enveloping the target, rendering them immobile and unable to use cursed energy.

Gojo sealed in Prison Realm
Gojo sealed in Prison Realm

To seal the target completely, you say “gate close,” turning the Prison Realm back into a small cube, trapping the person indefinitely. Only one person can be sealed at a time, and once someone is inside, it can’t be used again unless they take their own life.

When imprisoning a powerful sorcerer like Satoru Gojo, the Prison Realm becomes extremely heavy and immovable. Inside this pocket dimension, time doesn’t pass, and the sealed person is surrounded by dark skeletons and a creepy atmosphere.

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Satoru Gojo’s Unexpected Power-Up Inside the Prison Realm

While trapped in the Prison Realm, Gojo acquired the ability to manipulate similar spaces. He used this power to shrink his domain, making it as small as a basketball. This not only limited Sukuna’s attacks but also weakened his abilities.

Gojo in Prison Realm
Gojo in Prison Realm

During his time in the Prison Realm, Gojo likely improved his control over the Blue and Red Curses Technique. He might have also worked on enhancing the “Six Eyes” ability, considering the threats he knew he would face upon his release.

Gojo wasn’t afraid during his imprisonment and took full advantage of the situation. He focused on honing his skills, understanding his adversaries’ abilities, and learning from his environment. As a result, when he emerged from the Prison Realm, he was more powerful and focused than ever before, akin to a character leveling up after a “time skip” in the manga.

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Written by Tanmay Jha